Intangible Asset Management


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Perception Management: Your success or failure depends on how people perceive you. That is the single largest determinant of how they perceive you.

Though individuals perceive you through the filters of their own life experiences, it is possible to gently take define and take charge of the points of experience people encounter when they come in contact with your organisation.

Who needs it? There's much hidden wealth in most companies.

Call it reputation, goodwill, izzat or brand equity, this is what your stakeholders judge you by.

If you knew of 2 companies that had the same size and physical equipment and technology, do you believe they'd be neck to neck after 5 years?

Chances are you'd look at these parameters to figure out which one would succeed more than the other.

Those who are sensitive to it consider this their biggest asset, while there are others who consider their physical assets more important to achieve their goals.

If you think this matters.... For those who see value in unearthing, nurturing and growing these assets into manageable long term assets, I have evolved methods to do this quickly, inexpensively and gently. I call this Intangible Asset Management.

If you believe you'd like to consider taking charge of these immensely valuable hidden assets, talk to me.

Chances are, I can work with you to define them, locate dimensions that may not have been visible to you, maybe help redefine and reposition them for greater value addition and and create circumstances where you can leverage them them as a strategic management tool.

Glance through this process note, email me or just pick up your phone and talk to me on +91 98790 01065.

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Intangible Asset Management process note

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