Saving our planet; one bag at a time

January 20, 2009

Want consumer loyalty? Give your customers a canvas bag

Stanford marketing Professor Baba Shiv who was declared the Graduate School of Business Trust Faculty Fellow for 2008-2009, conducts research into consumer decision making processes.

Guess what his research established: According to surveys done by his graduate students, many shoppers say they are less likely to carry a retailer’s branded reusable bag into a competing store. “What these bags are doing is increasing loyalty to the store,” he says.

I just read this at an interesting blog called Murketing (the Journal of), who is focused on the concept of unconsumption, which is what you do with products once you’re through using them. Much like the blog I earlier wrote on the cradle to cradle concept, where once you’re through with a product, it should become raw material for another product, not have to be thrown away.

Every time your customer leaves his house carrying your canvas bag, he’s acting as a walking billboard for you, as a walking testimonial that he agrees with your intelligent decision to give away a reusable cloth bag and save your city’s environment from plastic bags.

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