Saving our planet; one bag at a time

June 11, 2010

Say YES to PLASTIC? NO Not Really!

Saving our planet, one bag a time!

June 11th… A day we have all been waiting for; FIFA kicks of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 1 month of pure excitement and finally something to look forward to at the end of the day!

The newspapers have been full of stories and articles that have been used to build up the furore over this event. But one article this morning stood out from rest “Soccer teams to wear recycled bottles”.

The Portuguese winger, Christiano Ronaldo along with other players will be seen wearing jerseys made from recycled plastic bottles. 8 bottles to 1 jersey, 23 players to 1 team, 9 nations in all and this is not counting what is being retailed. Apparently some 13 million bottles have already been diverted from landfill sites to manufacture these jerseys.

This seems to be a fantastic way of diverting waste plastic to a productive and even fun use. The intent behind it is of course to tell the world that this is a great way to end the adverse impact of plastic on the environment.

So is this a shifting paradigm? A world that now says YES to PLASTIC?

It is brilliant to find a viable solution to the millions of plastic bottles that are being discarded. But what after? Where do these jerseys go once they tear and get worn out? Won’t they be sent to landfills and if so, then isn’t the plastic going right back where it came from, albeit in a different form?

So while this concept deserves applause, it does require further thought. We can’t ban plastic from our lives, there is just too much of it being used for every little thing. But where there is a substitute we must use it. Plastic bottles and plastic bags are the biggest examples. There are easy and immediate substitutes available, so why aren’t we using them? Glass bottles and cotton bags, that’s the way to make a difference!

Here are Norquest we really do believe that changing over from plastic bags to bags made from sustainable fabrics like jute and cotton is a real and feasible choice. Help us save the planet one bag at a time.

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