Saving our planet; one bag at a time

June 29, 2010

We design artwork too!

Being in the business of promotional bags, most of the inquiries we get are for your conventional promotional bags with prints that are either company logo’s and/or names and occasionally names of special events. Its not as if we don’t enjoy working with these; we love to… every new inquiry and every new prospective client comes in with a wave of excitement and eagerness to get their order no matter what… and as a whole that’s what keeps us at Norquest Bags going.

But every once in awhile we happen to meet customers who do a bit more than promotional work; they look for spreading the same message we hope to spread with each and every bag we make… a message to save our planet. We hope to do it one bag at a time, and they do it for us.

Recently, we got an inquiry for one such customer. After much deliberation and discussions, we finalized 3 of our best selling styles. 2 of the styles were supposed to carry prints given to us by our customer and the last one was without a print. At Norquest, we make sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for and that nobody dealing with us has to compromise at any stage.

So, as our process goes, the first printed bag is always photographed and a picture is sent to the customer for their approval. One of the bags, as expected looked very nice. The other one… not as much! The print was a pretty good one, but didn’t sit well on the bag… and this is where we decided to offer our help. The theme being green and for the environment, it was too close to home for us and there was no way we were going to miss an opportunity to design something.

It took a few tries to get a print finalized, but the final one ended up looking great on the screen and even better on the bag. We’re always very happy when we get a chance to come out of our normal work and try something different. Kudos to our customer, because it always takes a lot of willingness and wee bit of patience to try something new… and its because our customer was like that, we got an opportunity to do this.

We’ve seen the bag and even though our customer has seen a picture of it, we can’t wait till he gets it in his hand and feels as happy about it as we are right now. Should be any day now.

At Norquest, we make it our goal to make sure that all of our customers are as excited about seeing their bags as all of us here are, right from the time the order is finalized to the time each and every bag is stitched, finished and packed. We make bags not just to fulfil our customer’s needs but also to try and show the world the bigger picture to at least try and help us in our aim to save our planet, one bag at a time.

November 5, 2008

I welcome Obama’s victory for change

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This election in the US has been an eye opener to the world. The usually sleazy world of politicking appears to have given way to decency and hope.

Over the last 8 years, America had developed an image of an arrogant selfish nation completely oblivious to basic human values. Run by an old boys’ club devoted to serving the needs of the biggies.

I was one of the few who still insisted that the average American is a sincere, well meaning and progressive human being. But with Iraq and the shenanigans of Wall Street and the financial and oil companies, I was beginning to have doubts whether that good constituency had any say in what America was all about.

But this morning all my good feelings about America came back. To have elected a coloured man who is also an outsider to the Washington establishment as President has established Americans as easily the most progressive thinking people in the world.

I was thrilled to see Barrack Obama’s first speech after he was clearly the winner. America is going to have a leader who is a decent human being, a thinking man, open minded, mature and a man who seems to think calmly and with a humane dimension.

This will lead America to greater glory and allow it to lead the world out of the mess it was quickly getting into. I suspect the old boys’ network will have their influence substantially curtailed.

It was equally heartening to see McCain’s graceful concession speech. I wish our politicians would learn some grace instead of spewing venom all the time, expressing and causing hatred amongst our people.

Clearly we have a long way to go towards become a “civil” society. I’m glad America will now be able to set an example.

Barrack Obama also looks like a guy who takes environmental issues seriously and I suspect we will soon see some progress towards curtailing the use of the trillions of plastic bags Americans use and throw away.

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