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Businesses: Note how green positioning catches on

Unilever, in pursuance of a greener footprint, re-engineered their washing liquid Omo into a much more concentrated version that requires half the size of packaging the earlier version required. They called the new version Omo Small and Mighty.

Bingo! A new generic product category was born and there is now a multitude of brands launching a [...]

Don’t waste! Australia shows the way

Australia’s Northern Daily just published an article about how local councils have contributed huge sums of money for calico bags to be distributed free to residents.

The 13 participating councils are Armidale Dumaresq, Glen Innes, Gunnedah, Guyra, Gwydir, Inverell, Liverpool Plains, Moree, Narrabri, Tamworth, Tenterfield, Uralla and Walcha.
Vanessa Tiernan, project co-ordinator for the Northern Inland Regional [...]

No such thing as a free plastic or paper bag

Karama Neil, a lovely lady from Little Rock, Arkansas, wrote a blog about the harm plastic bags are doing and mentioned my blog as being a good reference source. Thank you, Karama. It’s nice to be acknowledged, particularly by a person as accomplished as you.

Karama’s weblog is at What a great concept “So what [...]

Plastic bags are not free

Mary O’Keefe from Pompano Beach just wrote an article in the Sun-Sentinel in which she mentioned how she initially thought California’s proposed 17 cent tax on plastic bags was ridiculous and a burden on the consumer. But she quickly changed her mind. Here’s what she says.
“Then I went to my local grocery store and again [...]

Papua New Guinea leads by example!

I’m sure the words Papua New Guinea don’t immediately bring a picture of progressive governance to your mind (probably conjures up exotic images of tribals and beaches) but don’t underestimate them - just look at this major step they’ve taken.

The Papua New Guinea government has ordered a ban on plastic shopping bags in a bid [...]

Paper and plastic don’t cut it. Reusable cloth bags are the only sensible choice.

The best choice isn’t paper or plastic, says Wayne Parker in this article in the Pacific Business News.
He adds “When faced with the question of paper vs. plastic bags at the local supermarket, the correct choice, according to environmental officials, is neither of the above. The best environmental choice is to skip a bag altogether, [...]

Looks like the world’s going to be in good hands!

A few months back our Australian associate Tom Rayner ( forwarded me a mail he got from a 13 year old young lady who was going to be the Australian delegate to the International Children’s Conference on the Environment in Connecticut
She’s recognised how dangerous plastic bags are. To spread the message at the conference [...]

What are we doing to our world?

I just read an article Rob Crilly and Emma Newlands wrote for The Herald in Scotland about a whale that was washed up on the Hebridean coast. Its stomach was filled with plastic bags.
More evidence that plastic bags are playing havoc with life as we know and love it. A recent survey found scraps of [...]

Would you have a bag manufacturer make a tent for you?

Winning a customer’s trust is what makes it happen for us.
Clearly, the folks who run the Bahrain Exhibition Center were happy with the bags we’ve been doing for them so when they had a need for a colossal “tent” for a major event, they chose to discuss it with us.
From fabric selection to fireproofing to [...]

Little guys need to brand too…

Branding is essential for the little guys, too says Michael Schwarz in USA TODAY.
But when you read this, pay special attention to what he says in his last para. People eventually judge you by what you do, not by what you claim.
And (see if your behaviour contradicts what you’ve claimed all your advertising [...]

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