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Further dedicated to you, the individual

I just wrote about mass customization a few days back and read something today that reinforces my belief in out thinking.
There’s a fascinating article here at Infomat.
Trends, they say, can help track changing definitions of what constitutes value to consumers.
The customer-made trend, co-creating with your customers, is the most important one to watch. Not because [...]

Dedicated to you, the individual

It’s a new world out there, a world that is empowering each one of us like never before.
No longer do you need to buy stuff that some product manager who’s never met you in your life decides you will want. Traditional mass production thinking says make what most people will want.
But if you’re not most [...]

Match the lowest price and I’ll give you lots of business

We get many inquiries from folks who tell us they’ll give us huge volumes of business if we can match a lower price someone has offered them.
We don’t even try.
Not because we’re too cocky or very satisfied with our size or anything. No sir, that’s not it at all. We want more business and to [...]

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