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We design artwork too!

Being in the business of promotional bags, most of the inquiries we get are for your conventional promotional bags with prints that are either company logo’s and/or names and occasionally names of special events. Its not as if we don’t enjoy working with these; we love to… every new inquiry and every new prospective client comes [...]

Secret revealed: How to conquer the world

Can’t do it overnight, you’ve gotta work at it, one bag at a time, one customer at a time, but it pays off and pays off handsomely.
Not only does it earn you money and all the goodies that money can buy but it also gives you the satisfaction of being good human beings, able to [...]

No minimums, complete customisation and total happiness. That’s what we promise our customers

And we deliver! Every time! Pennsylvania wine aficionados will now get a free wine bag made by us.
Mark, who runs was concerned about the avoidable packaging used when people buy wine.
When he set out looking for a solution he found us. Here’s a testimonial he kindly sent us: “I wanted to get some reusable [...]

Start a new trend from Japan in your markets – minibags

The world’s fashion industry has recognised that Japanese street fashion often points the way to megatrends.
The latest story coming out of Japan is about the sudden popularity of mini-bags. It was carried in the Daily Yomiuri a couple of months back.
Entrepreneurs in countries where fashion is meaningful, would do well to read this [...]

British villages show the way

Our “use and throw away” culture needs to change for real change to happen. What’s heartening is the kind of effort people are making.

Hopefully, plastic bags will soon be a thing of the past in a pair of Saddleworth villages.

Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents’ Association (GGRA) has persuaded local shopkeepers to ban free plastic carrier bags [...]

Americans are thinking greener

I just read about a national survey commissioned by a leading American retail chain Plow & Hearth where they found that half of Americans plan to purchase an environmentally friendly gift this holiday season.
Even more heartening, 66% of them are willing to spend between 10 and 25% more on green gifts.
Women (55%) are more apt [...]

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown looks at a Norquest Bag

Every so often a pleasant surprise arrives in your mailbox.

This morning it was a friend and customer in England Simon Hawthorne sending us a picture of him showing one of our bags to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“He’s very supportive of the reusable bag campaign” wrote Simon “and with all that’s happening – Zimbabwe, petrol [...]

The answer to “paper or plastic” is Neither!

Seattle’s mayor  Greg Nickels and City Council President Richard Conlin have proposed a 20 cent “green fee” on all disposable shopping bags. It targets both paper and plastic bags at grocery, drug and convenience stores, says this story in LA Times. “The answer to the question ‘paper or plastic’ is neither: Both harm the environment,” [...]

Learning from the masters - in this case, Google.

I just read this fascinating article “9 rules of innovation from Google”. The most awesome statement there was “…believing that we can build a successful business without compromising our standards and values.” We all want to be good guys and those of us who have discovered that you can be a good guy and make [...]

What they didn’t teach us at B-School - the common sense of ethics

I just read a blog by an old friend named Ajit Balakrishnan where he, in his position as Chairman of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta said he was impressed when a Professor suggested adding ethics to the course content. 

Someone argued that ethics can’t be taught. This, in my opinion, is pure nonsense.

Let’s try and [...]

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