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The great thing is - they’re thinking about what to do about plastic bags!

I’ve long admired Britain’s The Independent as being one of the more thinking news entities. This brilliant and thoughtful article by Michael McCarthy, their Environment Editor (how many other news bodies even have an Environment Editor?) proves me right.
Why are we asking this now?
Because yesterday the Government’s anti-waste body, Wrap, announced that [...]

Legislation needs tweaking to make people realise reusable cloth bags are the only answer

This article from the Denver Post points out how important it is to get legislation right when addressing the problem of plastic bags.
Encouraging people to move toward reusable shopping bags is a good idea.
We get that, and support it.
However, the bag-banning measure blowing through the state legislature has morphed into something that will be counterproductive [...]

When you’re blessed with so much beauty you can’t let plastic bags spoil it for you!

The Aspen-Telluride area is not going to let it happen. I just read this news release today:
Aspen-Telluride bag challenge expanded
Beginning March 1, 26 mountain towns including three in the Roaring Fork Valley are competing in the 2009 Colorado Association of Ski Towns (CAST) Reusable Bag Challenge, to see which town can minimize their use of [...]

I say tax plastic bags. Bob Dylan would probably agree.

In an article in the D.C. Examiner Harry Jaffe invokes Bob Dylan’s famous song to remind us just what’s blowin’ in the wind nowadays. Plastic bags.

Or, he continues, floating by if you are on the Anacostia River or the Chesapeake Bay. Or washing in on a wave at Rehoboth. Or mucking up your [...]

Refashion is a great concept. Kind of cradle to grave to cradle…

Ever imagined them yucky plastic bags could become fashionable and eco-friendly?
An exhibit held last month at an LA store featured one-of-a-kind dresses made from plastic bags and other recyclable materials, designed by local L.A. artists.
Reusing plastic grocery bags and other material like cardboard, mussel shells, string, burlap fabric, wire and Christmas lights, the designers created [...]

Perception IS reality. Good guys DO finish first.

People judge you by what you do, not what you say.
Close your eyes for a moment. Now think of Rolls Royce. Or Mercedes, or Nike, or Toyota.
Each of these names evokes very clear thoughts, feelings, and images. They all have a strong corporate identity, or brand, associated with their name, and it is no accident. [...]

Reusable bags go to the Academy Awards this year

The red carpet at the Academy Awards is going a little green this year. A reusable dry cleaning garment bag by Chicago-based Dry Greening will be the official “swag bag” for one of the Oscar after parties.
It marks the first time ever that a dry cleaning accessory will be featured in the gifting lounge at [...]

Amazing fact: There are still people who think plastic bags are okay

Over one billion single-use plastic bags are given out for free each day. Free? The term is misleading. To understand the real costs, we must consider the “cradle to grave” multiple impacts and the effects of each phase of a bag’s life.
Phase 1: Production Costs
* The production of plastic bags requires petroleum and often natural [...]

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