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Research proves that promo bags give you the best bang for your advertsing buck!

According to a new research study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), among businesspeople over age 21, revealed that advertising specialties beat out all forms of TV, radio and print advertising as the most cost-effective advertising medium available. The average cost-per-impression of an advertising specialty item is $0.004, making it less expensive per impression [...]

Recycling of plastic bags - the myth is revealed

The worldwide recession has made it even more unviable to recycle plastic bags. It was always an expensive and unviable proposition, but today is has become completely unaffordable.
This article from the Boston Globe spells out the story.
Plastics, Benjamin? Not in Somerville, not now. On Jan. 14, the city announced that residents could no longer put [...]

Turning trash into bags

Entrepreneur Stuart Gold runs a successful business turning trash from the streets of Ghana into trendy fashion accessories.
“Our bags are complete trash”, runs the fairly appropriate tagline for Gold’s company, Trashy Bags that turns discarded plastic bags into useful and attractive bags for sale locally and for export.
On account of the undrinkable tap water in [...]

Want consumer loyalty? Give your customers a canvas bag

Stanford marketing Professor Baba Shiv who was declared the Graduate School of Business Trust Faculty Fellow for 2008-2009, conducts research into consumer decision making processes.
Guess what his research established: According to surveys done by his graduate students, many shoppers say they are less likely to carry a retailer’s branded reusable bag into a competing store. [...]

The real world beyond Fair Trade

This morning’s Indian Express carried an interesting article from the New York Times by Nicholas Kristof. The level of sensitivity Nicholas demonstrates is rare amongst Westerners. I guess living in the East has give him a perspective that would be difficult for people living in the West to acquire.
Even while appreciating the good intentions behind [...]

Secret revealed: How to conquer the world

Can’t do it overnight, you’ve gotta work at it, one bag at a time, one customer at a time, but it pays off and pays off handsomely.
Not only does it earn you money and all the goodies that money can buy but it also gives you the satisfaction of being good human beings, able to [...]

Imagine, boots from recycled plastic!!

Chilean industrial design student Camila Labra has invented a whole new concept of “environmentally sound” footwear.
She calls them Dacca Boots (after the capital of Bangladesh because they’ve banned plastic bags there), and they feature an extensive collection of ankle high boots - made mostly out of recycled plastic bags.
The boots are built by fusing several [...]

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