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Our reusable gift bags and wine bags can make this a green holiday season

Studies indicate that gift wrapping adds an additional one million tons per week to US landfills. If people only switched to our reusable gift bags and wine bags, the US could achieve a huge saving in landfill waste!
See the line at

Add an element of fun or style to your reusable bags

I’ve been convinced of this for a while now. Even as more people begin to switch to reusable bags instead of plastic or paper bags, they’re not really satisfied with just plain jane cloth bags. That’s why we offer so many customization options to our customers.
This story from the Bristol Press highlights the point.

Customers were [...]

Carrying a plastic bag is now socially unacceptable–on a par with wearing a fur coat or not cleaning up after one’s dog.

An article today by Linda Stamato talks about how New York and New Jersey are examining the possibility of taxing bags. Her article talks about effectively this has worked in Ireland, where plastic bags were not outlawed, but carrying them became socially unacceptable–on a par with wearing a fur coat or not cleaning [...]

Start a new trend from Japan in your markets – minibags

The world’s fashion industry has recognised that Japanese street fashion often points the way to megatrends.
The latest story coming out of Japan is about the sudden popularity of mini-bags. It was carried in the Daily Yomiuri a couple of months back.
Entrepreneurs in countries where fashion is meaningful, would do well to read this [...]

I welcome Obama’s victory for change

This election in the US has been an eye opener to the world. The usually sleazy world of politicking appears to have given way to decency and hope.
Over the last 8 years, America had developed an image of an arrogant selfish nation completely oblivious to basic human values. Run by an old boys’ club devoted [...]

What does your bag say about you?

Australian fashionista and media star Eisman Kathryn, who earlier wrote a bestseller titled how to tell a man by his shoes, has just released a witty sequel called How to Tell a Woman by her Handbag.
Here’s what the publisher’s website (Penguin Australia) says about it.
What does your bag say about you? Does your ‘it’ bag [...]

The answer is jute shopping bags

In an article titled An Inconvenient Bag from the Wall Street Journal, author Ellen Gamerman speaks of how these supposedly ecological polypropylene bags could actually be harmful for the environment.
She’s right. Even though they are reusable, they aren’t as strong as people make them out to be. Any sharp edge and it will rip right [...]

How sassy can YOU get?

You’ve got to admit that the F word makes that bag interesting and noticeable. If you’d like your own sassy statement on a bag, talk to us today! We’ll enjoy making them for you.
In this article from the website Nin J.A.Castle, Creative Director appears to imply that bags imported from the East are inevitably [...]

Witty, colourful and practical, the reusable shopper is today’s slogan T-shirt

Britain has really picked up on using reusable bags. This story by Alice Fisher from a recent issue of the Guardian suggests that using plastic should become like wearing a fur coat - something that makes you embarrassed. And it is happening. Up and coming new designer David David says ‘The shopper is a billboard [...]

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