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September 20, 2008

The bad news about plastics continues

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Despite industry assurances that plastics aren’t really bad, frightening news continues to emerge from independent research. The latest news (in todays New York Times) is about BPA - bisphenol-A — a chemical used in many plastics and epoxy resins now found in baby bottles and liners for canned goods.

In animal testing it was discovered to break connections between brain cells, and if this happens in humans also (no real reason to believe it wouldn’t), no one would want his children subjected to a risk of that nature. Several US states and the US Congress are considering banning bisphenol-A.

All plastics, including plastic bags, leach out trace quantities of the chemicals they contain into stuff (including food) carried in them.

The best effort, however, would be the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act. It would require that children’s products are proved safe before they are sold, not — as with BPA — the other way around.

Stick to cotton or jute bags.

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