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August 26, 2008

Savvy marketers will appreciate this trend

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That's not a plastic bag. Its a designer bag.

The trend I’ve been observing tells me that while the first move to reusable bags instead of plastic bags takes place on a pure utility basis, it quickly morphs into a move towards fashion.

Savvy marketers may consider moving straight into the fashion zone saving themselves time and money in the process of making their environmental stand recognised.

This morning I am looking at a number of stories that comment on how the move away from plastic bags is quickly moving from utility to fashion.

I thought my wife Manini’s Africa Collection would be an appropriate illustration for the story.

This story by Allison Ross in the Palm Beach Post says “It started with grocery stores cutting back on plastic bags to be more eco-friendly.

Then came eco-chic, in the form of a reusable canvas shopping bag by designer Anya Hindmarch emblazoned with the words “I’m Not A Plastic Bag.” It’s now selling for more than $100 on eBay”.

She goes on to add “But for some shoppers, it’s more about fashion appeal than saving the earth.

When J.C. Penney launched its first reusable shopping bag at some stores last fall, the 79 cent brown totes didn’t catch on with consumers. But a $1.99 version of the bag released a couple weeks ago featuring an illustration of green grass has proven much more popular, spokesman Tim Lyons said.

And Nordstrom’s own “eco-chic reusable tote bag” for $21.95 looks more like a designer tote than a bag for the Birkenstock set. The silver linen bag zips into a compact carrying case and features a cityscape illustration along with the Nordstrom logo.”

This is the pattern I’ve been observing for a while now. Most stores will start with a cheap, utility bags but will push it upwards for better aesthetics, feel and overall appeal.

The move is not difficult to relate to. Women who are making the shift from plastic to reusable bags are quickly internalising the reusable bag into their accessory zone making it as much a tool of self-expression as something to carry your groceries home in.

August 18, 2008

Shopping bags go hi-fashion

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Hi fashion shopping bags

From a humble utility item just a while ago, the shopping bag is quickly transforming itself into as much of a fashion accessory as anything else you wear to express yourself.

Today, carrying a smartly designed shopping bag is a powerful statement for people to make, as it visibly sets them apart from the less aware and less proactive hoi-polloi.

Here read about designer shopping bags that are so pricey ($960) that the author says it would be a shame to use them for “less luxe than caviar or white truffles”.  

More people are responding every day to the call to be more ecologically concerned and not use plastic bags when they go shopping.

European stores offer special fast check out counters for shoppers who bring their own bags.

This opens up opportunities for various people. Bag and nature related designers are turning out expensive totes and consumers are lapping them up!

If you are considering bags for a promotion, think quality rather than quantity. That way your logo will get proud and frequent exposure.

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