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June 5, 2008

Green marketing, green collar jobs. The lexicon of our New Age

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Green marketing, green collar jobs. The lexicon of our New Age
Its World Environment Day today and an appropriate moment to acknowledge what is happening to awareness of environmental issues.

The last one year has seen a greater growth in awareness of environmental issues than ever before. Green marketing is now taken seriously by all but the most backward companies.

Even knowing this, because I read and write about the issues almost every week, I was pleasantly surprised by the term “Green collar jobs”. What a delightful concept!

Awareness is growing and more and more people are looking at the circumstances with a sense of helplessness and fear, because they perceive the problems to be so large that they themselves wonder what they, as individuals, can do about it.

Everyone wants to do his or her bit. So, people are really grateful when someone makes it possible for them to take a personal step towards helping to improve the environment.

That’s why our cotton or jute reusable bags are such a powerful Green Marketing tool. When you give away a reusable bag with your logo on it, you allow the consumer to feel good about himself when he uses it. That goodwill rubs of on your company in a very positive manner.

Want to plan a program that will earn you serious goodwill and admiration at a very nominal cost? Write to me at rajiv at Badlani dot com.

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