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June 27, 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown looks at a Norquest Bag

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown looks at a Norquest Bag

Every so often a pleasant surprise arrives in your mailbox.

This morning it was a friend and customer in England Simon Hawthorne sending us a picture of him showing one of our bags to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“He’s very supportive of the reusable bag campaign” wrote Simon “and with all that’s happening – Zimbabwe, petrol and food prices, the credit crunch, he was very kind to give us the time”.

Though just substituting reusable cloth bags for plastic bags happens slowly, it is, I am glad to note, happening steadily too.

Five years ago, when we were starting this business, I had an uphill task even discussing this subject with people. Folks would look at me as if I were some radical greenie who was pushing an irrelevant agenda (Plastic bags for heavens sake, the world’s got so many problems, that kind of thing) but now I’m happy to note that everyone around the world is acknowledging that this is one of the world’s bigger problems and one that is easy to solve.

Having said that, this is a cause that still needs champions. If you’d care to do something, do write to me. I’ll be more than happy to work out a program tailor made just for you. Rajiv at Badlani dot com.

June 9, 2008

Cotton bags can be babe-magnets. Women now prefer green.

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Cotton bags are babe magnets

Green is the sexiest concept around. As you read this story about Ferraris and Porsches taking a back seat to greener cars, let me tell you an even easier way to make your point. Grab a cotton shopping bag!

WASHINGTON: Forget that Ferrari, put away the Porsche, and junk the Jag, if you are haring after that neighbourhood hottie. The rules of romance are changing where cars are concerned. Red and Black, the metaphoric ”babe-magnets” are out. Green is in. 

A new survey in the US sponsored by the Department of Energy and General Motors shows 88 per cent of women saying they would prefer to talk to a man with a new fuel-efficient car than a new sports car.

In other words, something like a Toyota Prius is the new ”babemobile” and will get you places a Porsche or a Ferarri (Tendulkar and Sanjay Dutt own one) can’t.

As for the Hummer — Harbhajan Singh’s preferred choice — it’s a bummer when it comes to winning hearts.

The gas hog is now considered so vulgar, gauche, and anti-social that its makers General Motors are considering selling it or discontinuing it.

The survey, conducted more than a month ago, also found that 36 per cent of Americans on the fence about buying a hybrid would be pushed to seriously consider one if gas rose to $4.00 a gallon — where it has already reached in some places.

Rising fuel costs will be a factor when choosing a car for 73 per cent of car buyers. Some 80 per cent of car buyers said they would prefer to talk to a fuel-miser than a fuel-wastrel.

There’s also lots of interest in a reality show similar to ”Project Runway” about designing stylish fuel-efficient and emissions-free cars, with the nearly three quarters of survey respondents saying they’d tune in.

The survey comes at a time Americans are moaning from coast-to-coast about soaring gas prices, although the $ 4 per gallon they pay is among the cheapest among developed nations — about half of what most Europeans pay and less than what Indians pay, even after the recent hike.

All in all, the new mood sweeping the west puts a big question mark on why Tatas, a thoughtful, conservative company, chose this time to go after the Jaguar and Land Rover.

The survey, which had a limited sample of 500, had its doubters.

”The girls around here like guys with big trucks,” joked one respondent from California. ”After all, anyone who can afford the gas for it must be making a bank.”

Seriously, everyone prefers people who do the right thing. And being seen with a cotton shopping bag is as right as it gets!

From an advertising and promotional point of view and from a branding perspective, I’m sure you see the awesome potential of a simple cotton bag with your logo on it.

Talk to us. You’ll be pleasantly amazed to know how affordable they can be.

June 5, 2008

Green marketing, green collar jobs. The lexicon of our New Age

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Green marketing, green collar jobs. The lexicon of our New Age
Its World Environment Day today and an appropriate moment to acknowledge what is happening to awareness of environmental issues.

The last one year has seen a greater growth in awareness of environmental issues than ever before. Green marketing is now taken seriously by all but the most backward companies.

Even knowing this, because I read and write about the issues almost every week, I was pleasantly surprised by the term “Green collar jobs”. What a delightful concept!

Awareness is growing and more and more people are looking at the circumstances with a sense of helplessness and fear, because they perceive the problems to be so large that they themselves wonder what they, as individuals, can do about it.

Everyone wants to do his or her bit. So, people are really grateful when someone makes it possible for them to take a personal step towards helping to improve the environment.

That’s why our cotton or jute reusable bags are such a powerful Green Marketing tool. When you give away a reusable bag with your logo on it, you allow the consumer to feel good about himself when he uses it. That goodwill rubs of on your company in a very positive manner.

Want to plan a program that will earn you serious goodwill and admiration at a very nominal cost? Write to me at rajiv at Badlani dot com.

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