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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown looks at a Norquest Bag

Every so often a pleasant surprise arrives in your mailbox.

This morning it was a friend and customer in England Simon Hawthorne sending us a picture of him showing one of our bags to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

“He’s very supportive of the reusable bag campaign” wrote Simon “and with all that’s happening – Zimbabwe, petrol [...]

Cotton bags can be babe-magnets. Women now prefer green.

Green is the sexiest concept around. As you read this story about Ferraris and Porsches taking a back seat to greener cars, let me tell you an even easier way to make your point. Grab a cotton shopping bag!
WASHINGTON: Forget that Ferrari, put away the Porsche, and junk the Jag, if you are haring after [...]

Green marketing, green collar jobs. The lexicon of our New Age

Its World Environment Day today and an appropriate moment to acknowledge what is happening to awareness of environmental issues.
The last one year has seen a greater growth in awareness of environmental issues than ever before. Green marketing is now taken seriously by all but the most backward companies.
Even knowing this, because I read and write [...]

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