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Green is the new black

People who still believe green thinking is restricted to niche players ought to read the brilliant and insightful article below from (a Forbes company). It is a stark reminder of just how mainstream green thinking has become. Green is truly the new black, both in terms of fashion and now in terms of [...]

Nevada students distribute 3000 reusable cotton bags

A Nevada school takes the initiative to make the Town of Truckee sensitive to the plastic bag issue. This story appeared on Nevada

Dressed in green recycling shirts, sixth-grade students darted about in front of Truckee’s Safeway Friday afternoon, handing out reusable grocery bags and polling the community on recycling.

“I think if people see a [...]

It works. Putting a price on plastic bags works, says IKEA.

Ever wonder why IKEA is such a respected and admired company? Its simple things like this that makes it happen.

Since IKEA stopped giving away free plastic bags – you either bring your own or buy one of their giant blue bags for 59 cents – the results have been dramatic.

Until March 2007, the company’s customers [...]

Plastic bags kill marine creatures every day

This Cuvier’s beaked whale was recently found dead washed up on a British beach. Its stomach was clogged with plastic bags.

Marine biologists believe it is another victim of our careless, plastic bag culture.

Cuvier’s beaked whales are reclusive mammals.

Although they are found in almost every sea in the world, little is known about their behaviour in [...]

140 British towns and cities want plastic bags banned or taxed

A mass movement is building against the throwaway bags that are wrecking our environment, with more than 140 British towns, boroughs and villages demanding a ban. The Daily Mail started a campaign against plastic bags, and they’ve been reporting on how effective it is being.
In Ahmedabad, where I live, the leading English daily is the [...]

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