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March 27, 2008

The awesome branding potential of a reusable cloth bag

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The branding potential of a reusable bag

Perception is reality. Not because people are shallow but because we, as humans, get so many inputs being thrown at us that we develop the ability to form decision making judgements on minimal input.

So when people see a company’s logo on a plastic bag, they conclude that here is a company that, knowing how harmful those awful things are, chooses to be unconcerned about our planet’s future.

But, when people see a company’s logo on a reusable cloth bag, their opinion of that company goes up because they see them as responsible members of society.

It’s that simple. Use this simple knowledge to benefit your business.

It doesn’t matter what the reusable fabric is. It could be a natural fabric such as cotton or jute or it could even be from manmade fibres such as polyester or polypropylene. What matters is that it is reusable.

Each one of these bags substitutes the use of plastic bags. One such bag could substitute as many as 500 to 1500 plastic bags. So, if your company gives away maybe 1000 bags, you could be saving the earth from having to deal with the burden of a million plastic bags.

That’s a real contribution to society.

Considering how little such bags cost, especially when you import them directly from us in India, reusable fabric bags are a powerful and potent medium to earn goodwill and trust and respect for your brand.

Look at our vast range of cotton bags, canvas bags, jute bags, polypropylene bags and polyester bags and pick one to enhance your brand.

Results guaranteed!


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