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America’s first plastic-bag-free community completes one plastic-bag-free year!

Leaf Rapids, Manitoba, just completed its first year as North America’s first plastic bag free community. In this story from the Vancouver Sun, read about how a small town of just 550 residents achieved its path breaking status. Sure you can get a plastic bag in Leaf Rapids, but it will cost you a 3 [...]

Scotland’s first plastic-bag-free community

Selkirk city plans to become Scotland’s first plastic-bag-free community. In this article on the Business.Scotland.Com website, read about how they were inspired by Modbury’s success. Here’s the article:
Historic first in the bag as town declares war on plastic
As a town steeped in its common riding traditions, the Royal and Ancient Burgh of Selkirk has [...]

The awesome branding potential of a reusable cloth bag

Perception is reality. Not because people are shallow but because we, as humans, get so many inputs being thrown at us that we develop the ability to form decision making judgements on minimal input.
So when people see a company’s logo on a plastic bag, they conclude that here is a company that, knowing how harmful [...]

Learning from the masters - in this case, Google.

I just read this fascinating article “9 rules of innovation from Google”. The most awesome statement there was “…believing that we can build a successful business without compromising our standards and values.” We all want to be good guys and those of us who have discovered that you can be a good guy and make [...]

What they didn’t teach us at B-School - the common sense of ethics

I just read a blog by an old friend named Ajit Balakrishnan where he, in his position as Chairman of the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta said he was impressed when a Professor suggested adding ethics to the course content. 

Someone argued that ethics can’t be taught. This, in my opinion, is pure nonsense.

Let’s try and [...]

Businesses: Note how green positioning catches on

Unilever, in pursuance of a greener footprint, re-engineered their washing liquid Omo into a much more concentrated version that requires half the size of packaging the earlier version required. They called the new version Omo Small and Mighty.

Bingo! A new generic product category was born and there is now a multitude of brands launching a [...]

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