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December 17, 2007

I suspect even Mark Constantine would approve.

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Lush is a £ 100 million cosmetic brand.

Mark Constantine, founder of the runaway success Lush Cosmetics is quite a guy. One day, to promote his naked products (products without packaging) he even had his shop staff strip down to just their aprons! Some spoilsport complained and got this stopped, but he’d made his point.

He once picked up £ 2.oo bottle of conditioner and calculated that ingredients of the product cost just 10 p, while the packaging cost 29 p, thrice what the ingredients cost. One day, he picked up those little sachets hotels and restaurants give you and had school kids open them to see how many sachets of sugar it took to fill one bottle. Would you believe it took anything between 105 and 118 sachets? Truly wasteful.

He’s got some brilliant videos up on YouTube, a three part series called The Insider Documentary - Packaging is Rubbish. Search for them and see them. Really eye opening.

Mark isn’t some wide-eyed evangelist. He runs a profitable chain more than 250 very successful stores in more than 30 countries and is a £ 100 million brand.

I once wrote a couple of blogs about how much extra pleasure customers derive. Here they are: Reusable cloth bags bring pleasure to your consumers and A cloth bag can make your product feel special!

I suspect Mark would agree.

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  1. well i dont think that strippin the staff was a very good thing to do~~~what a stupid HR policy

    Comment by rambhai — February 2, 2008 @ 5:37 pm

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