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December 28, 2007

Oh happy day! Another happy customer!!!

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I was nervous about ordering something with only a picture from halfway around the world, but you made me a believer.

My daughter Kaajal got this mail from Margie Shepherd a few days back. What a thrill we get when a customer takes the time to write and say such wonderful things. This is one of the nicest things about being in this business.

“The bags just got in! They look beautiful - I love the wide, heavy handle, heavy material, stitching, print - everything. Thanks so much for your patience, care, and for the polite way you do business.

We have already sold a few hundred of the bags, and I know we’ll sell them all quickly - finally people are interested in the environment, and these really help, as well as carry a clever message.

I want to thank you for such wonderful business dealings throughout the whole process of ordering these bags. Response to every inquiry was fast and so polite. Your charts with features and pricing were clear. Our special size requirements were handled like they were no problem at all. You answered all of my many questions.

And when the bags came, we were blown away - the canvas is sturdy, the braided handles are great, I didn’t expect the extra braided ribbon on the edge… We all love them! Thank you for the help all along the way. I was nervous about ordering something with only a picture from halfway around the world, but you made me a believer.

I’m attaching a picture - I hope you can open it. You can use anything I said in part or whole, and put me down as a reference to anyone looking to do the same!

Here’s a note I got today from the mother of one of my students:

Ms. Shepherd,

Just used the cloth bags I bought…they’re great! What would have taken 5 plastic bags, was contained in just 2 cloth bags. And I even got to say, “neither, thanks” when the checker inevitably asked, “paper or plastic?” Thank you again for selling the bags!! Happy holiday. Best, Debbie

Margie Shepherd

December 17, 2007

I suspect even Mark Constantine would approve.

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Lush is a £ 100 million cosmetic brand.

Mark Constantine, founder of the runaway success Lush Cosmetics is quite a guy. One day, to promote his naked products (products without packaging) he even had his shop staff strip down to just their aprons! Some spoilsport complained and got this stopped, but he’d made his point.

He once picked up £ 2.oo bottle of conditioner and calculated that ingredients of the product cost just 10 p, while the packaging cost 29 p, thrice what the ingredients cost. One day, he picked up those little sachets hotels and restaurants give you and had school kids open them to see how many sachets of sugar it took to fill one bottle. Would you believe it took anything between 105 and 118 sachets? Truly wasteful.

He’s got some brilliant videos up on YouTube, a three part series called The Insider Documentary - Packaging is Rubbish. Search for them and see them. Really eye opening.

Mark isn’t some wide-eyed evangelist. He runs a profitable chain more than 250 very successful stores in more than 30 countries and is a £ 100 million brand.

I once wrote a couple of blogs about how much extra pleasure customers derive. Here they are: Reusable cloth bags bring pleasure to your consumers and A cloth bag can make your product feel special!

I suspect Mark would agree.

December 12, 2007

Do the green thing!

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Do the green thing
Green Thing is a 72 day old community committed to finding new green things for people to do every month. Last month’s green thing was to buy something old instead of buying something new. Go visit at

I did, and signed up and it looks like fun. I’m just writing them a mail (why do they never have people’s email addresses?) telling them how much I enjoyed their site.

Turn your house sustainable and green

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Sustainable housing

New and radical concepts for ecological houses are being discussed everywhere, but what about the homes you already live in? Well, if you are fortunate enough to live in the US, I’d suggest go check out Here you can share thoughts and ideas with people who are already converting existing homes into sustainable, green homes.

Registration is free and they are creating an invaluable pool of knowledge that will lead to more and more people being able to live sustainable lives. Join up today and participate in their 50,000 Green Homes initiative. Here’s a quote from their site:

What is the 50,000 Green Homes Initiative?
Building green may sound easy, but it takes time for traditional building and remodeling experts to catch up with trends that require rethinking of practices. We can shorten this time for green building to become the mainstream standard:  Live Green, Live Smart wants your participation in creating a virtual community for people building greener homes.

Early adapters of new techniques learn a lot, and they make mistakes that make them experts.  It’s more rewarding to be a pioneer when you can share the experience of success and detour with other visionaries building and rehabbing for greener living.

The stories of these pioneers will stimulate the interest and confidence of other homeowners and builders to adapt their building and lifestyle practices.

After the first 50,000 homes, the next half-million sustainbale houses will come more easily - and soon, a million sustainable, green homes can reduce our carbon footprint by billions of pounds of pollutants each year, recycle wood to the equivalent of hundreds of millions of trees, and reduce water usage by billions of pounds each year. 

But first, we need you and your house.

Your innovations, frustrations, and questions will become an important resource for changing the way people create homes for generations to come - you will establish the best green home practices. And we will share them on the Live Green, Live Smart website.

Projects may start out as an insulataion upgrade, a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and later become multiple projects throughout your home.  You may be doing a total green remodel, or maybe you are buying or building your own green home from the geo-thermal rich ground up.

What do I do to participate in this historic demonstration?
As part of the 50,000 Green Homes Initiative, you keep a record of your building experience on the Live Green, Live SmartTM website as part of the Initiative’s Resource Center.  You are able to publish photos of your project, comments, tips, and issues you confront in building green.  Others will share with you their experience and expertise - from financing challenges to waste removal problems, from the best available product for your particular building conditions to finding someone to re-engineer your plans. 

You’ll help found a community of pioneers helping create liveable, sustainable homes.

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