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Oh happy day! Another happy customer!!!

My daughter Kaajal got this mail from Margie Shepherd a few days back. What a thrill we get when a customer takes the time to write and say such wonderful things. This is one of the nicest things about being in this business.
“The bags just got in! They look beautiful [...]

I suspect even Mark Constantine would approve.

Mark Constantine, founder of the runaway success Lush Cosmetics is quite a guy. One day, to promote his naked products (products without packaging) he even had his shop staff strip down to just their aprons! Some spoilsport complained and got this stopped, but he’d made his point.
He once picked up £ 2.oo bottle of conditioner [...]

Do the green thing!

Green Thing is a 72 day old community committed to finding new green things for people to do every month. Last month’s green thing was to buy something old instead of buying something new. Go visit at

I did, and signed up and it looks like fun. I’m just writing them a mail (why do [...]

Turn your house sustainable and green

New and radical concepts for ecological houses are being discussed everywhere, but what about the homes you already live in? Well, if you are fortunate enough to live in the US, I’d suggest go check out Here you can share thoughts and ideas with people who are already converting existing homes into sustainable, green [...]

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