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We use billions of plastic bags we don’t need…

John Humphrys in this article in the Daily Mail asks why do we love waste? He tells how he went for a swim on the beach near his house in Greece only to find himself surrounded by all the plastic waste in the water. According to him a trillion bags are thrown away every minute [...]

Well done Sainsbury’s!

Sainsbury’s started selling reusable bags at their counters 6 months ago. Know what happened? The number of free plastic bags they had to give away fell by 85 million!
85 million less plastic bags is 750 tonnes of bags not going to landfill and 85 million less bags polluting our planet!
And 85 million bags Sainsbury’s didn’t [...]

Want funding for a cause? Here’s how to get it.

Have you seen a site called Trendwatching? It’s a sensitive monitor of how things are changing in our world. I can spend hours reading their findings; they’re completely fascinating.
In one of their studies they talk of participation being the new consumption; about how for new age consumers, status comes from finding an appreciative audience (in [...]

Plastic bags news updates

New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn joined fellow elected officials and President George W. Bush’s niece Lauren Monday in an effort to push through a City Council bill aimed at reducing the city’s dependence on plastic shopping bags. Here’s the story.
Bush plugged the FEED Bag she launched on-line in April for the [...]

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