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Chill out, says Bjørn Lomborg, and get smart about global warming

Bjørn Lomborg, professor  at the Copenhagen Business School has some controversial views on the Kyoto approach to global warming. He believes the approach is unnecessarily complex and will yield far less than simpler ROI driven approaches. I agree with his thinking. Simple solutions like taxing plastic bags thus encouraging people to bring their own reusable [...]

Human Behavior, Global Warming, and the Ubiquitous Plastic Bag

12 million barrels of oil are used to make the one billion bags Americans use and throw away. Why?
Here’s an article by Peter Applebome from the New York Times where he attempts to understand this apparently illogical behaviour:
“When she moved to the United States from Germany seven years ago, Angela Neigl brought with her [...]

One more happy customer! Yipee!

Never mind how many customers write in telling us how happy they are with our work, the thrill never fades. We started this morning with a smile on our faces thanks to Mahima Mahadevan writing in with some very kind things to say. Here’s what Mahima wrote:
“I ordered 1000 bags from Norquest in August 2007 [...]

Did we save the world from 250 million plastic bags last year? According to Morsbag, maybe we did!

Morsbags are what they call “a sociable guerilla bagging network.” Their site encourages folks around the world to get together and stitch their own cloth bags from any fabric they have lying around – used curtains, whatever…
I wrote to Pol at to find out how it all started.
Here’s Pol telling us how she [...]

Our new line of bags

My wife Manini just loves bags. She’s just designed an exciting new line for us, using a variety of textures and fabrics with a line of specially designed prints. To get a feel of how beautiful they really are, you need to see big pictures. Until we get them on to our own website, go [...]

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