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September 25, 2007

Reusable cloth bags bring pleasure to your consumers

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Products feel special when they come packed in a cloth bag

Writing a blog is so much fun, because I get to browse the net to seek interesting things to write about and some of the stories I find are a real joy to read. Today, I happened on to another blog, dedicated to candy! It’s called – you guessed it – Candyblog! Its written by Cybele May, who’s a playwright who also sells candy and writes about it with real fondness. Go visit. It’s a delight.

She writes nostalgically about a candy she used to buy when she was a kid. It felt special because it came in a cloth bag. This isn’t the first time I’ve read a product review saying so. I wrote a blog back in October 2006 about a set of speakers that seemed special to the Gizmodo reviwer because they were packed in individual cloth bags. Why don’t you do your product a favour and consider packing it in a cloth bag? I promise you will be surprised by how economical this elegant packaging medium can be (see some prices at

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