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Go help London city get plastic bag free

On the London councils website people are now being asked to vote whether to ban or tax plastic bags. If you, like millions of others, love London, read about the proposition here go and make your voice heard here.
When the Irish introduced a levy on plastic bags, usage fell 90% in one year. Makes [...]

Reusable cloth bags bring pleasure to your consumers

Writing a blog is so much fun, because I get to browse the net to seek interesting things to write about and some of the stories I find are a real joy to read. Today, I happened on to another blog, dedicated to candy! It’s called – you guessed it – Candyblog! Its written by [...]

LA throws away 6 billion plastic bags a year

6 billion bags? No wonder a million Pacific seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals die annually from discarded bags and other debris that make their way into the ocean, says LA Times columnist and novelist Steve Lopez in this article. The collection is an indictment of our slovenly, junk-food, single-use, throwaway society. The article is also [...]

Obesity, impotence, cancer … still want to use plastic bags?

You can’t afford not to read this. And when you do, you will probably stay away from plastic products and do what you can from letting your loved ones be exposed to plastics.
Obesity, impotence, cancer are just 3 of the gifts you get from the chemicals that leach out of the plastic packaging on [...]

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