Saving our planet; one bag at a time

August 20, 2007

Everyone wants a bag. Specially an environmentally friendly reusable bag.

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Everyone wants a bag.

I remember reading an article in a magazine brought out by the  PPAI (Promotional Products Association of America) which concluded that bags are a wonderful promo choice.

“One great thing about bags is that everybody uses them,” says Andrew Spellman, vice president of corporate markets for TRG Group in St. Louis, Missouri. “Since everyone has stuff to hold, there’s not one person who doesn’t have a bag of some sort. Promotionally speaking, there’s an inherent use value for the recipient, and this means, for the advertiser, there’s the frequent opportunity for seeing the company logo.”

Carol Goebelt, in LaPuente, California, adds they go beyond function: “Besides suiting the need for function, people buy bags for style. They are an extension of the person, and different styles may fit one person but not another.

I completely agree. In today’s world one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it. That’s why, at Norquest, we encourage our customers to customize what they are ordering. No fixed notions, no minimums, we don’t put any limits on our customers’ imaginations. It’s our job to make whatever they dream up and we enjoy it.

What goes into choosing a great bag? “Find out exactly who the audience is,” says Mary Jo Welch. “Men are not tote bag people and will use them only when necessary whereas women love them. If kids are involved, a drawstring backpack might do the best job of covering all the bases.”

Not really. There are many tote designs that have a masculine appeal.

One way or the other, there has never been a better time in history to consider an environmentally friendly reusable fabric bag for your next major promotion.

The world is catching on to how much harm plastic bags are doing and people on the street look kindly upon people carrying reusable bags.  And if your logo is on the bag, they admire your company for taking visible and tangible action that they approve of.

Bags work. Everyone loves receiving an attractive bag. And we’ve got plenty. See the variety at And then do remember to see the product pages and see how economically they are priced.

Good looking, economical, something that everybody wants, and admires you for giving away. Isn’t that how you’d like your next promotion to be?

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