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Subway uses 4 million plastic bags every 24 hours?

I just read a horrifying story here where it says that Subway uses 4 million plastic bags every 24 hours!

Here’s the full story (here’s a link if you’d prefer to read it at the original source – a weblog called Pangaya. Com):

“On occasion I am out during the day and need a quick, and fairly [...]

Everyone wants a bag. Specially an environmentally friendly reusable bag.

I remember reading an article in a magazine brought out by the  PPAI (Promotional Products Association of America) which concluded that bags are a wonderful promo choice.

“One great thing about bags is that everybody uses them,” says Andrew Spellman, vice president of corporate markets for TRG Group in St. Louis, Missouri. “Since everyone has stuff [...]

Want one of these?

Like what you see? It’s a jute bag. If you’ve ever seen any jute bags that have this kind of stiffness and body you probably know that it is achieved by laminating a plastic lining on the inside of the bag. So while jute is a natural, eco-friendly product, the plastic lining renders it less [...]

Quebec mulls 20-cent tax on plastic shopping bags

Max Harrold of the Montreal Gazette, quotes the environment minister as saying “We’ll decide on some kind of deterrent this autumn”
I’ve reproduced the entire story here. If you’d like to read the story where it originally appeared on the Gazette’s website click here.

Even while using them to lug groceries yesterday, shoppers at a downtown [...]

Start your own fad!

What’s a girl got to do to get a fake Louis Vuitton around here?
In this hilarious article in the Village Voice, Lynn Yaeger talks about buying rip-off bags in New York’s Chinatown. Under the humor, though, is the same message the TIME magazine article had – that as they switch from plastic bags [...]

Paper, Plastic or Prada?

TIME magazine discusses the plastic bag issue in their last issue. The title of the article is Paper, Plastic or Prada? And it is a well written summary of the issues involved. As every well informed and right thinking author would, Lisa McLaughlin concludes that recycling and all that is okay, but reuse is eventually [...]

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