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Renewable energy. Hope for the future.

I came across this wonderful presentation today and want to share it with you. These guys are taking wind energy and converting it to Hydrogen to be saved and used when required. Sounds exciting and promising. See the film at the link!

Cause Marketing — Good guys finish first

It’s a crowded marketplace out there. For every product or service you want to consider, there are hundreds of people you can choose from

How do you choose?

Other things being equal (product specs, convenience etc) you probably choose the people you feel the most trust in. Okay, having said that, how do you decide who to [...]

Be worried. Be very worried, says TIME. I agree.

Want a fright? Read this article that appeared in Time Magazine as long ago as early 2006.

Like everyone else I had assumed that nature works in a slow and predictable manner. What I didn’t realise is that global climate systems are booby-trapped with tipping points and feedback loops, thresholds past which the slow creep of [...]

John Edward’s global warming/energy policy makes great reading

I’ve been following the US Presidential election campaign with great interest. Let’s face it, decisions and policies made there do affect our lives wherever we might be around the world. While both Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama appeal strongly, John Edwards stands out in my mind as being the most practical option. Here, I’ve reproduced [...]

Listen to your consumers. They want reusable fabric bags!

Deirdre Wexler of Hewitt, NJ, wrote this letter to the editor of the West Milford Messenger. This isn’t the only such letter being written. The US press carries hundreds of such letters, This just happens to be the I chanced upon.

Clearly, the people of the United States are a thinking lot, but equally clearly it [...]

We do get the most wonderful customers, don’t we?

When Dr.Stafford at Tufts University wanted cotton bags for a conference she searched the net and found us amongst many others and even though we were located in India, she decided to check us out.
The quality of mails she received quickly set to rest the initial qualms she had about [...]

What to do with 19 billion plastic bags?

The Sacramento Bee has an article that asks an important question: What to do with 19 billion plastic bags? It’s not a rhetorical question. That’s how many of the ubiquitous carrying sacks Californians collect from their shopping habits every year.

Some of us try to find creative ways to reuse the lightweight pouches before they finally [...]

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