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What prompted Rebecca Hosking to start her anti plastic bag campaign

It was providential that the BBC sent Rebecca Hoskin to the Pacific to shoot a film. Watching sea creatures choke on plastic bags in the Pacific Ocean finally persuaded her that enough was enough.

The following story by Mark Rice-Oxley from the Christian Science Monitor traces the course of events that led to Modbury becoming [...]

Green represents style now

Here are a few bag numbers:
• An estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.
• According to the EPA, more than 380 billion plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used in the United States each year.
• Plastic bags are among the 12 items of debris most often found in coastal [...]

Designers do it. You can too!

Designers like Anya Hindmarch are making a big splash with canvas reusable bags. More than 80,000 people lined up to buy one of around 25,000 bags, which retailed for $15. Some of them turned up on eBay reselling for nearly $800.
What is it being sold? A canvas tote with a clever slogan. If you can [...]

I am not a plastic bag

That was quite a a surreal image from Soho with people lined up for a city block waiting to purchase a limited-edition tote bag emblazoned with the slogan “I Am Not a Plastic Bag”. I believe it ran out wand was being sold on e-bay for $ 200 upwards!
Is it just the Anya Hindmarch signature [...]

Good sense prevails. Reusable bags are gaining in popularity!

Some people had given up on good sense prevailing in our crazy world. But Judith Falvey, of Meadville, got through the checkout line at the Ikea in Robinson recently only to discover that the retailer no longer provides free bags. Plastic bags cost a nickel, used cardboard boxes are free and reusable canvas bags are [...]

One generation pollutes the world, the next cleans it up!

Even as our generation pollutes the world, the next generation is cleaning it up.
Australian shoppers with a fondness for those plastic bags should beware — two crusading teenagers are watching.
Kate Charters, 14, and Millicent Burggraf, 13, have beaten off adult competition from around Australia to dazzle the United Nations with their campaign to banish plastic [...]

Customer delight is pure delight for us too

Some time back we made some bags for the United Nations Population Fund in Suva, Fiji. They were thrilled with the bags we did and Vela Serukalou just wrote my daughter Kaajal a mail which says
“Hi Kaajal, So sorry for the delay in sending this to you. I am working on getting those pictures [...]

G8 agreement on climate change a “disgrace”: Al Gore

MILAN (Reuters) - Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore denounced a deal by world leaders on curbing greenhouse gases as “a disgrace disguised as an achievement,” saying on Thursday the agreement struck last week was insufficient.

The dedicated climate crusader, whose 2006 global warming documentary won an Oscar, said leaders at last week’s G8 summit in [...]

Can you take the G-8 seriously on global warming? Really?

I just read this hilarious article by Diane Roberts on the G8 and their reluctance to face up to the threat of global warming “George W. Bush loudly celebrated his alleged “leadership, ” touting the “voluntary targets” which will somehow transform the United States into a land where carbon dioxide is tamed, where mercury no [...]

Rebecca Hosking on how she made Modbury plastic free

Reproduced from The Guardian of Wednesday May 16th, 2007

A small town in Devon has become the first place in Europe to turn its back on plastic shopping bags. But how did it do it? Rebecca Hosking, the local activist who galvanised traders and shoppers, explains:

Two weeks ago, the town of Modbury, in Devon where I [...]

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