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Looks like others also find Fair Trade expensive

I just read a blog ( where the high cost of getting Fair Trade Certification is discussed.

The girl who wrote the blog – an American - seemed to think that companies should spend the money anyway because it is worth it. In many ways I agree with her and yet when I think of [...]

Now, Green Fatigue sets in. Too much of a good thing?

I’m really happy that the environment is getting the attention it deserves but I can also easily appreciate why Green Fatigue could set in. Every little ecologically sensible move is accompanied by such a song and dance that people had to tune out.Action speaks louder than words and people respect it more. Giving away reusable [...]

Can we afford a Fair Trade Certification?

A customer wrote to me asking whether we could offer a Fair Trade Certificate. I hadn’t heard of Fair Trade so I searched, read about it and discovered that it was a very powerful marketing medium and I was thrilled, until I wrote and asked how we could become members.
I found to my horror that [...]

Green is coola than eva…

Its so gratifying that after years of “selling” the idea of eco-friendly reusable bags to find myself in a position to look around me and find I don’t need to add anything to the attention the issue is already getting.

But some perspective does appear necessary.

Lloyd Kerry of Charlottetown in Canada supports the idea of using [...]

Thank you, Anya Hindmarch!

Designer Anya Hindmarch put her signature onto a cotton canvas bag that said I’m not a plastic bag and they were a sellout at Sainsbury’s. When stocks ran out they were on Ebay at £200. I believe they’ve settled down at £50.

For those interested in owning a designer bag, the Anya Hindmarch name is what [...]

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