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April 14, 2007

San Francisco plastic bag ban inspires others

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London mayor applauds San Francisco's plastic bag ban

The San Francisco plastic bag ban is causing other cities to think about what they are going to do about their own plastic bag problems. Here are current stories of what reactions are being felt in London, New York, Ontario, and Oak Bay for starters…. keep watching this space for more! There’ll be plenty of stories.

April 4, 2007

From grave to cradle. Our attempt at recycling plastic.

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Recycled waste bags

Used plastic bags can do immense harm if allowed to choke landfill or left free to be eaten by innocent animals and marine life.

But they can be used for good if used as a raw material. That’s what we decided to do. I spoke to some of my designer friends and that is what we’ve been trying to do.

This little picture shows you the junk we started with, the very basic looms we worked with and some of the beautiful bags and textures we could create.

Feels really good to be able to take something awful and turn it into something so delightful.

Read the whole story at

I realize that this is a modest achievement, but it is meaningful to us and I imagine even more so to the folks who can benefit from it. But I also see that it has immense potential for good.

I’d love your input on how we can take this forward from here. Please take a moment to share your thoughts with me.

I’d like to identify people and agencies who can assist in the process of bringing these products to market. Can you help? Recycled waste bags

All thoughts will be more than welcome. And if there is anything you can bring to the table, we’d love to work with you. Whoever you are, wherever you are.

Write to me at rajiv @

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