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February 28, 2007

Green Marketing - you can’t afford not to read this book

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Green Marketing Book
New York based J. Ottman Consulting has published a book called Green Marketing. You could buy it at, but they’ve also placed it online for you to read free of cost.

It’s an absolutely brilliant book and I can’t praise it enough. The cost of not reading this book could be very high.

Here’s a quote you ought to take very seriously: “Communications that appear insignificant or insincere often invite criticism from any number of stakeholders; environmentalists sniff out whom they perceive to be “greenwashers,” and state attorneys general are on the prowl for marketers who make deceptive environmental marketing claims.

While such challenges exist, not communicating one’s environmentally-oriented product initiatives presents its own risks. These include being replaced on the shelf by a competitor with recognized green credentials, and lost opportunities to increase market share among the growing number of green consumers. Moreover, marketers who don’t tout their product’s greenness may find that consumers may assume their products are not environmentally sound”.

Giving away our reusable fabric bags is a very clean answer. It is an unambiguous non-verbal statement of your environmental sensitivity. You’re not making any empty claims, instead you are demonstrating your sensitivity through action.

The economics are also unbeatable. A visit to our website will offer a pleasing surprise when you see how affordable they are, and the number of times they get reused will give you very substantial and high-quality exposure. That’s why they are known as walking billboards!

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