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February 23, 2007

Use a cause to build a brand. Lauren Bush Goes Green

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Lauren Bush backs the Feed Bag cause

Want credibility and respect for your brand? You could learn a thing or two from George W’s niece Lauren Bush.

Though that already gives her celebrity status it is clearly not enough. This savvy young lady is playing the game by the book to build visibility and recognition for her soon to be launched line of clothing and accessories by promoting a cause that no one can disagree with.

She turned up at the Michael Kors show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York carrying a burlap shoulder bag that read “Feed the Children of the World” on the side. “Each bag will feed a child in school for a year through the United Nations World Food Program,” said Bush, an ambassador of the cause, of the double-handled “Feed Bag” tote, which will go on sale at April 1.

This is an intelligent and admirable way to take the high road while differentiating your brand from your competition. Reusable cloth bags are in themselves a cause that no one can argue with. Add the impact of this! 

I don’t yet know what they are going to be priced at (how much does it take to feed a child for a year?), but a bag with a cause like this can probably sell at a clearly justified high price, as much as a well known and respected brand like Louis Vuitton could fetch for a similar product. Such is the potential of a cause related strategy. 

The product itself has much to say for itself. One such bag will serve the owner instead of close to 500 plastic bags and do enormous good right there. If you’d like to use such a reusable fanric bag to take your own agenda forward, come to our website and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these elegant bags can be.

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