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February 8, 2007

A challenge to all designers

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A challenge to all designers

If you’re a designer, read this.

Sarah Mower, fashion writer for Vogue and writes an article in the Telegraph which rakes fashionable women over the coals for accepting plastic bags which she calls those vile, flimsy, ugly, desperately polluting carriers.

I love it. She’s talking my language. She doesn’t stop there, adding that it’s an inexcusable habit encouraged by supermarket “convenience” culture, when we collude in it through slack-brained laziness.

This lady sure doesn’t pull her punches.

She asks why designers aren’t designing great looking reusable shopping bags. Is it, she asks, because fashion in general is so disconnected from the way we live now, so oblivious to the notion of usefulness (let alone ecological issues) that stooping to such an idea is out of the question?

Is it? This is a question for designers to answer.

There’s a world full of bright designers out there. I’m hoping some of you will rise to the challenge and write to me so we can work together to actually make such bags happen. rajiv at I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

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