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Green Marketing - you can’t afford not to read this book

New York based J. Ottman Consulting has published a book called Green Marketing. You could buy it at, but they’ve also placed it online for you to read free of cost.
It’s an absolutely brilliant book and I can’t praise it enough. The cost of not reading this book could be very high.
Here’s a [...]

Citizens push for reusable bags to be rid of the plastic bag menace

A group of “bag ladies” were hoping to hit the right note with shoppers in Norwich today by encouraging them to give plastic carrier bags the boot.

The Bag Lady Choir have been serenading shoppers in the city centre as well as coaxing, cajoling, and if that failed, pestering them into giving up their plastic carrier [...]

Use a cause to build a brand. Lauren Bush Goes Green

Want credibility and respect for your brand? You could learn a thing or two from George W’s niece Lauren Bush.
Though that already gives her celebrity status it is clearly not enough. This savvy young lady is playing the game by the book to build visibility and recognition for her soon to be launched line of [...]

Biggest ad agencies predict wave of green marketing campaigns in 2007

See this article in the Financial Times, London. The heads of AMV BBDO, JWT, Ogilvy, RKCR/Y&R and Saatchi & Saatchi have told the FT they believe green advertising will grow in the next 12 months.
But they sound a cautionary note. They warn companies against “rushing in” and exaggerating their environmental commitments, if they cannot [...]

Effective Green Marketing needs engagement not evangelism is an aptly named website that’s published a white paper called Painting the Town Green, in which they discuss ways for green marketers to become more effective in their efforts. Its priced at £20 but they also offer a free PDF download.
Very definitely worth a read.

Businesses under pressure to think green

In this article at, Sir Menzies Cambell, talks about how British businesses are going to have to accept responsibility for cutting down on the amount of plastic waste they create. Their customers are demanding it, which has to the most compelling reason to pay attention to this huge problem our planet is facing.

In [...]

F*@k Plastic and change the world to a better place

A resident of Goshen Village in New York state has written a very thoughtful piece in the Chronicle.
Its so well written that I am reproducing it verbatim. Here goes:

Now that 2007 has arrived, there is one resolution you can make and stick to that will make a difference in the world. Though it [...]

Japan tries to cut plastic bag usage

Japan consumes more plastic film per capita than most countries, according to MSNBC. Wrapping habits in Japan border on the excessive, which may stem from Japan’s traditional attitudes toward gift giving, more geared to presentation more than content. The layering of wrapping also has important social meaning — more wrapping means more politeness and formality.

“We [...]

A challenge to all designers

If you’re a designer, read this.

Sarah Mower, fashion writer for Vogue and writes an article in the Telegraph which rakes fashionable women over the coals for accepting plastic bags which she calls those vile, flimsy, ugly, desperately polluting carriers.

I love it. She’s talking my language. She doesn’t stop there, adding that it’s an inexcusable [...]

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