Saving our planet; one bag at a time

December 2, 2006

Kids can see the writing on the wall. Businesses should learn from them.

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Kids against plastic bags
Kids are faster than businesses in catching on that plastic bags are a big issue for the world today and one of the easiest problems to solve.

At a Boston school a group of 14- and 15-year-olds has laid out plans and secured sponsors for a publicity campaign to boost the use of reusable polypropylene bags at stores in Hanover.

The group has already secured a commitment from the Hanover and Lebanon Co-ops to buy and sell 5,000 of the bags.

Meanwhile, Joey Baum, a senior at Boulder High School, has already turned this into a business.

Baum saw plastic bags at grocery stores as a big waste problem with a simple solution.

He designed a reusable polypropylene shopping bag and sells them for $3 each at grocery stores.

He’s received an entrepreneur award in the 15-17 age categories.

“As the leading nation in the world, we were putting the environment on the back burner,” Baum said. “I wanted to do something.”

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