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Colour of the Year 2007: Green

Thomas L. Friedman, world affairs correspondent for the New York Times and author of the book “The World is Flat” recently said that if he were the editor of Time magazine, his year ending cover would be a green colored one which says “Colour of the Year”.

He believes we reached the tipping point this year, [...]

Green businesses are hot for 2007

Everybody who’s anybody is forecasting a major move towards green businesses starting 2007.
Executives from some of Britain’s biggest firms, with a combined total of 250 million customers, met at 10 Downing Street yesterday to work out a combined plan for a new range of “green” products, to be launched in 2007, says this report in [...]

Green fashion goes mainstream

Designer Linda Loudermilk offers a luxury eco line featuring dresses made from sustainable chiffon silk and lyocell, a biodegradable fabric spun from wood pulp.
Designer Heatherette exhibits a recycled polyester bustier and an Ingeo taffeta skirt at FutureFashion, a show for environmentally friendly designs at New York Fashion Week in 2005. (Courtesy of Earth Pledge). Patagonia [...]

Governments wake up to green GDP. At last!

Think before throwing that plastic bag into the river. You might actually be lowering the country’s gross national product (GNP).
The government is working on a methodology that will add the value of things such as clean environment as part of natural resources for calculating the GNP.

Thus far, economic development indicators like GNP and [...]

Unilever’s Brand Impact concept will definitely make them a stronger company

I was thrilled to read this morning that Unilever has woken up to the fact that addressing consumers’ social and environmental concerns is as important for a brand as its functional attributes.

These guys are getting it!
I’ve been saying it on this blog for months now and I’m happy to see this happening.

Unilever Group [...]

Kids can see the writing on the wall. Businesses should learn from them.

Kids are faster than businesses in catching on that plastic bags are a big issue for the world today and one of the easiest problems to solve.
At a Boston school a group of 14- and 15-year-olds has laid out plans and secured sponsors for a publicity campaign to boost the use of reusable polypropylene bags [...]

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