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Happy customers thrill us

When you do a business where you don’t actually meet your customers, it’s so nice when you hear from them telling you they like how you work. Specially when they take the time to shoot and send you a picture too. Here’s a mail my daughter Kaajal got today.
“Working with Norquest was an absolute [...]

Impulse buyers will not carry reusable bags. Really?

What if they had a nice big polyester shopping bag which folds into a tiny little pouch, is waterproof, has a zip closure and can be reused thousands of times?

I suspect many people would make carrying such a bag a habit. It fits comfortably into a pocket or a handbag and leaves no argument in [...]

This Christmas, use reusable gift bags instead of plastic or paper. Your friends will appreciate it

When all the gifts have been opened and the boxes and bows bagged, the last phase of Christmas begins — hauling away the trash.

It seems Americans will use $ 5 billion worth of gift wrapping at Christmas time.
That translates into an extra million tons of trash a week for this one season.

Plastic bags are a gender bender

The culprit is an ingredient in plastic goods called phthalates says a story in The Guardian.
They seep into your food from plastic packaging and get into your bloodstream.
Result: ‘Women with higher levels of four different phthalates were more likely to have baby boys with a range of conditions, from smaller penises and undescended testicles to [...]

“Look at this Godawful mess “ Humorist Art Buchwald summed it up back in 1970!

What a guy. He saw the problem coming back in 1970. But so many governments haven’t seen it yet! Read what he said back then:

“And Man created the plastic bag and the tin and aluminum can and the cellophane wrapper and the paper plate, and this was good because Man could then take his [...]

Big businesses being myopic

You and I go through life without being able to get feedback on the stuff we do. But big companies regularly conduct research on what customers want. I wonder what kind of research they do because none of them seem to have caught on that consumers don’t want so much packaging and they don’t [...]

Environmental strategy – good business or good sense?

I just read an excellent article titled “Environmental strategy – good business or good sense?” on a site called

Few, if any, business people aspire to be unethical or non-environmental.

But few actually claim to operate ethically, apart from the values-based businesses such as Body Shop. For most, this has never been an explicit issue.

Those [...]

The Japanese rock! Bra-maker to turn Japanese women into bag ladies

The Japanese think up some of the most interesting things!

Environmentally concerned Japanese women will soon have an option to accepting plastic bags, their bras!

A Triumph employee displays a “No More Plastic Bags Bra” — a shopping bag made of a transformed bra — at the company’s showroom in Tokyo….

Great service? Vijaya Bank deserves some credit

Many people write and tell us how much they appreciate the service we are able to offer. Our ability to do this comes from the high quality back-up we get from various institutions and people that enables us to keep our service standards high.
One of these is Vijaya Bank. We recently switched to them from [...]

No fish by 2050, thanks to plastic waste

Fish, prawns and crabs will disappear by 2050, scientists warn.

Marine species are disappearing at an accelerating rate, posing a serious threat to human health and wellbeing, a four-year study of the state of the world’s oceans has concluded.

A business-as-usual approach to the problem would increase health risks to humans, with more toxic algal blooms, [...]

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