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Your consumer is evaluating your eco-sensitivity

Britain is leading the way. The National Consumer Council conducted a study to see which chains are keeping up with consumer expectations.
Morrisons came in for heavy critcism in the report. Morrisons is the only company which doesn’t offer reusable “bags for life”.
Coun Martin Love, leader of Bradford’s Green group, said: “There is an awful lot [...]

Paper or plastic?

Yesterday, my wife Manini read me a terrific story from the Reader’s Digest on the answer to that question:
As I approached my local supermarket’s checkout counter, the bagger spied my two carts filled with groceries. Holding up a paper bag and plastic bag, he gave me my options, courtesy of his unique environmental perspective: “Kill [...]

Your brand can be admired like Patagonia and Body Shop are

Patagonia and Body Shop are just two of the New Age brands that have built their appeal on EcoLogic; meaning a deep and sincere respect for the environment.
You don’t need mega bucks to earn that kind of respect. As long as you are sincere and act on your beliefs.

360 Degree branding

Shelley Lazarus, the head of Ogilvy, talks about 360 degree branding here. Take the time to visit. It’s well worth it. Even if you’re not in marketing. In fact, it is more relevant to the heads of companies than to marketing people.
The concept is simple and powerful.
Your brand (and this includes corporate brands), must be [...]

Attitude is what makes it all happen

So many kind customers have kindly told us we deliver phenomenal service and quality.
This takes thought, devotion, very hard work and the support of lots of business partners.
Here you see my friend, colleague and fellow director Sanjiv Sood discussing colour matching with Nandan Shah, the bright young chemical engineer who runs Ahmedabad Dyeing. It’s with [...]

Let’s terminate them plastic bags!

Sometimes I wonder about Americans. In some ways they are the most progressive and thinking people under the sun and in some ways they are so completely regressive in their actions.
Having observed the success of the tax on plastic bags in Ireland, concerned citizens groups in California mooted a tax on plastic bags. Their authorities [...]

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