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Reusable bags make much more sense than all that hooha about recycling

Are you really going to use that plastic bag again? Let’s be honest, you probably wont. And even if you are a very concerned human being, you cannot reuse them more than once or twice at the most. Plastic bags were designed to be thrown away. Everything you hear to the contrary is misleading.
The folks [...]

The colour green now adds brand value

Britain’s biggest supermarket group Tesco will encourage shoppers to re-use bags by offering one point for the Clubcard loyalty scheme (worth 1p) for every carrier bag they do not use.
It is the latest in a series of recent moves by the big grocery chains as each tries to show it is greener than the other.
The [...]

Recycling is just a nice sounding word. It’s not achieving much.

I just saw a wonderful site called They have an environmental atlas that keeps track of what is actually happening around the world. Here’s what they have to say on what recycling is really achieving.
Poor communities recover every valuable item from waste. Asian recyclers use rubber from scrap tyres to make shoes, make their [...]

Learnings from Harvard and Google

Harvard Business School has a wonderful resource for all businesses, large and small.
Access is absolutely free. I strongly recommend reading it regularly. Lots of useful stuff there.
Read one article and it will make you think and grope in your mind for answers. But the next article may just answer those questions.
Professor Gerald Zaltman has written [...]

Kaizen & Branding

There are two extremes operating in brand manager’s minds.
The really pathetic one is where they believe that advertising is what makes their brand happen. Their entire focus shifts to communication and they often forget that it’s the product or service that people spend money for.
Then there are those who take a more holistic view of [...]

Reusable Bags and Branding

B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore discussed the power of transforming ordinary transactions into experiential events in their book, “The Experience Economy.” “It’s not about entertaining customers, it’s about engaging them,” they wrote.
Kevin Roberts, CEO at Saatchi & Saatchi, recently built on Pine and Gilmore’s theory of customer engagement in “Lovemarks, The Future [...]

Plastic bags can poison kids

At a recent gathering of kindergarten mothers in Seattle, Shawn Lilley told the women that plastic bags and other containers can leach chemicals into food. Since then, a few more kindergartners have shown up with sandwiches in other containers.

“Shawn researches these kinds of things, and it’s not that much more expensive, so we switched,” said [...]

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