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July 11, 2006

Holistic Branding

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Holistic Branding means action speaks louder than words

I just read a story about Cronig’s stores out in Martha’s Vineyard. Instead of just giving away plastic or paper bags they’re now offering reusable polypropylene bags as an option with many incentives for customers to make the switch.

I went to their website and found that they’re doing many things that are environmentally sensible. I suspect, in the process of doing this, they are also earning the goodwill and respect of their customers and their community.

In marketing parlance they are strengthening and reinforcing their brand value but it isn’t fluff.

“We’re hoping that eventually we’ll be using less of the paper bags,” Cronig’s general manager Sarah McKay said. “That will be cost saving for us, but also refuse saving for the Island - less will be ending up at the recycling center or the dump.”

They’re building a formidable brand not by blowing up lots of money on advertising, but through action that people admire. That’s what I call holistic branding. Hugely more impactful and much longer lasting than making tall claims.

Great going, Cronigs! I hope many other American stores follow your lead.

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