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July 7, 2006

US city governments seem underinformed

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US city goverments are underinformed

The online edition of the Detroit News makes disturbing reading.

“Recycling isn’t cheap, doesn’t pay for itself and preserves little landfill space, said Tom Horton, president of Waste Management of Michigan, which operates several landfills and recycling programs “you’re not going to save landfill space by recycling. You’re not going to even break even. There’s no dollars-and-cents argument. The reason to recycle is because you believe this is a method of waste disposal that matches your ideology.”

“We all want to do the right thing for the environment, but the economy is so bad,” said Daniel Paletko, mayor of Dearborn Heights “you have people trying to survive just day to day, then you weigh the cost-benefit analysis and you wonder.”

A handful of legislative efforts to increase recycling have stalled.

One proposal would expand the 10-cent bottle bill to juice, tea and sport-drink containers. Another would raise dumping taxes to $7.50 a ton and use the proceeds, $170 million a year, for recycling. The partnership, which wrote the study, wants to fund programs with a 1-cent fee on retail purchases.

These guys are clearly unaware of what’s happening elsewhere, how Ireland has used a tax on plastic bags to cut usage by 90% and how profitable that was for their exchequer, how cutting edge companies like OzmoTech are generating diesel from discarded plastic containers, and how we in our modest way are converting discarded plastic bags into reusable ones.

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