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July 1, 2006

Plastic bags. Whose problem is it?

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Reusable bags are better

When millions of plastic bags get dumped, it’s the government that has to clean up the mess and deal with all the environmental consequences.

Most governments pretend it’s not their problem and stop at just rhetorical exhortations to stop using so much plastic. Achieves sweet nothing.

But not the Australian government. They have a website where they assist retailers find viable alternatives and put them into practice.

See Do your bit. Write to your representative and suggest that this is the way to go.

Another piece of information that appears to come as a surprise to retailers everywhere. Everyone knows it is more economical to import reusable cloth bags from India. But they assume you can only do so if you need very large quantities.

That isn’t really true. Give them a link to our website where they will be pleasantly surprised how affordable even small quantities can be.

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