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Plastic bags cause more harm than nuclear power plants

As the world discusses India’s ability to safely harness nuclear power, here’s an interesting story by K. S. Parthasarathy, who was former secretary of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India.

Tarapur, on the West coast of India, has a nuclear power plant.
In May 1995, in Tarapur, routine sampling of a storm-water drain at this facility [...]

Who are we? What do we stand for?

It’s one thing to have great intentions but does everyone in your organisation feel the same way? One has to consciously create a set of shared values to operate by.
That’s what lets most large, fast growing organisations down. No one has the time to create an operating philosophy.
It’s really worth making time for this.
Then it [...]

Doing business with India

The Times, London and FedEx have produced a feature where a British firm talks about doing business with India. The article makes most Indian businesses appear to be simple minded dolts.
Here’s a particularly telling quote: “Maybe it is just a clash of cultures but the biggest problem is that some of our Indian suppliers often [...]

Holistic Branding

I just read a story about Cronig’s stores out in Martha’s Vineyard. Instead of just giving away plastic or paper bags they’re now offering reusable polypropylene bags as an option with many incentives for customers to make the switch.
I went to their website and found that they’re doing many things that are environmentally sensible. I [...]

US city governments seem underinformed

The online edition of the Detroit News makes disturbing reading.
“Recycling isn’t cheap, doesn’t pay for itself and preserves little landfill space, said Tom Horton, president of Waste Management of Michigan, which operates several landfills and recycling programs “you’re not going to save landfill space by recycling. You’re not going to even break even. There’s no [...]

Plastic bags. Whose problem is it?

When millions of plastic bags get dumped, it’s the government that has to clean up the mess and deal with all the environmental consequences.
Most governments pretend it’s not their problem and stop at just rhetorical exhortations to stop using so much plastic. Achieves sweet nothing.
But not the Australian government. They have a website where they [...]

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