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The Wizards of Oz

The Warringah Council in Australia needs to be congratulated for their initiative and sensitive pro-activeness.  I wish more governments did this.
It makes so much sense. Folks get involved with a sense of ownership. No one resents anything being thrust down their throats. And it yields phenomenal results. Governments all over the world could learn from [...]

Our customers are so delightful

The real pleasure we get from this business is when our customers are thrilled with us. These two lovely young ladies have chosen to thank us by sending us a photo of both of them donning our bags as headwear!
They’ve started a product and graphic design business in Dunedin, New Zealand and their first [...]

Customers like paying for reusable bags. Are you listening?

IKEA announced it wouldn’t give away free plastic bags and would charge for a sturdier reusable bag.
How do you think their customers reacted? Here are some actual customer comments:
Chris (UK): “This is great news. I’m all for taxing plastic bag consumption. The waste is abhorrent but the main benefit is it makes responsible consumer behaviour [...]

US businesses bought $ 16.9 billion worth of promo products in 2004

The future looks even better, suggests an ASIC survey. ASIC stands for the Advertising Specialty Institute.
“Companies are looking for new, more effective ways to spend their marketing budgets, as many are discovering that advertising on satellite radio, TiVo television or the Internet is not as effective as it once was” says Greg Muzzillo, founder and [...]

Why would people to PAY YOU to carry YOUR advertisement?

This isn’t some ad man’s wild pipe dream. In a world of skyrocketing media costs, here’s an amazing true story. Read the story.
Columnist Martin Sloane contributed a story encouraging people to switch to reusable cloth bags, and here is what reader Louise Fail wrote in:
Dear Martin: At our local 99-cent store they sell a lovely, [...]

Further dedicated to you, the individual

I just wrote about mass customization a few days back and read something today that reinforces my belief in out thinking.
There’s a fascinating article here at Infomat.
Trends, they say, can help track changing definitions of what constitutes value to consumers.
The customer-made trend, co-creating with your customers, is the most important one to watch. Not because [...]

Dedicated to you, the individual

It’s a new world out there, a world that is empowering each one of us like never before.
No longer do you need to buy stuff that some product manager who’s never met you in your life decides you will want. Traditional mass production thinking says make what most people will want.
But if you’re not most [...]

The ethical consumer. A new trend that will impact businesses

Britain’s “ethical consumer” market was worth US$ 44 billion in 2003, according to researchers for American Express. The company estimates 1.5 million “conscience consumers” in the UK today, and expects four million by 2009.
“What we are seeing,” one researcher reported to Amex, “is a blurring of moral, social and lifestyle issues that is unprecedented. Brands [...]

Fashion tip for 2007: Think green!

The Daily Mail says that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they’re having.
“Not so long ago, a good day’s shopping was represented by unbridled credit card abuse and armfuls of carrier bags — preferably glossy paper ones with smart rope handles”
“Today, shopping for the sheer pleasure of it is no longer enough. We [...]

The new consumer. She’s making companies concerned.

The Independent, UK, in a recent article notes that companies are now more concerned than ever about environmental issues.
The smart ones know they have to be, because their consumers are driving them to thinking.
“Shoppers are becomingly increasingly frustrated by the voluminous packaging that fills their bins when they unwrap food. That irritation has been picked [...]

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