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August 16, 2004

Japan addresses plastic bags waste issue

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The Daily Yomiuri today reported that Japan’s Environment Ministry has decided to forbid retailers to hand out free bags.
The ministry hopes to submit a bill to revise the law in the ordinary Diet session next year.

Wise. The Japanese throw away 30 billion plastic bags annually.

As one of the cleanest, most well-kept societies in the world, the Japanese have a deep stake in keeping their environment safe from the havoc that plastic bags wreak on the world.

The National Association of Super Markets expressed some sympathy for the idea saying in a statement, “We can reduce free handouts of plastic bags by charging the shoppers, which would cut the cost at supermarkets.” However, it also expressed concern over receiving complaints from shoppers and expected a decline in sales.

The success of Australian communities in reducing plastic bags waste might assuage their worries. The Japanese are an aware society. Just a couple of activists can probably translate a rule into a personal mission for individuals.

Like Ben Kearney did in Coles Bay, Australia. Coles Bay saved their town from more than 300000 plastic bags by introducing an attractive and practical alternative. On our website, we call it the # B06.

It’s made from nonwoven polypropylene. Not in itself an ecological material, but reusable, and well designed.

At Norquest, we’ve now developed a version from laminated jute. Acting from the belief that most humans prefer the textures of nature. If you’re going to use a reusable shopping bag we might as well design one that looks and feels good to you. The jute version is an absolute delight. We’ll have a picture up very soon.

We have lots and lots of attractive and economical options on show at and we hope we’ll get more Japanese folks looking at them now.

Well done, Japan! Way to go!

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