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Indian army stores take ecological lead

Plastic bags are affecting the environment in India more than in most countries because of our complete lack of discipline and enforcement.
People throw plastic bags everywhere. Though we have legislation in place banning the manufacture and use of thin-gauge plastic bags, these laws exist only on paper, are flouted every day, and plastic bags continue [...]

Plastic bags kill 10,000 Mediterranean fish each day!

Online Greek publication today published this shocking fact.
“There will have to be a change in the law forcing supermarkets to charge for shopping bags so that their excessive use, which is detrimental to the environment, can stop,” said Apostolos Alexakis, president of the Association of Greek Supermarkets.
An average store serves about 800 customers a [...]

Japan addresses plastic bags waste issue

The Daily Yomiuri today reported that Japan’s Environment Ministry has decided to forbid retailers to hand out free bags.
The ministry hopes to submit a bill to revise the law in the ordinary Diet session next year.
Wise. The Japanese throw away 30 billion plastic bags annually.
As one of the cleanest, most well-kept societies in the world, [...]

Internal Branding

Too many discussions on branding focus on projecting a brand to external audiences. To the extent that branding gets considered as being synonymous with advertising.
I disagree. I think the place a branding exercise starts from is within the organisation. It is only when an organisation is in total internal agreement on the subject of [...]

Here it is - the jute supermarket bag

Sure is a great looking bag, isn’t it? We call it the Jute #B06.
Attractive, economical and capable of saving the world from the waste of as many as 1000 plastic bags, this bag is a hero!
Packing and shipping costs are being worked out even as I write this, and we hope to have this lovely [...]

Looks like the world’s going to be in good hands!

A few months back our Australian associate Tom Rayner ( forwarded me a mail he got from a 13 year old young lady who was going to be the Australian delegate to the International Children’s Conference on the Environment in Connecticut
She’s recognised how dangerous plastic bags are. To spread the message at the conference [...]

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