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Scotland will tax plastic bags

I just read an article by Jeremy Watson in the Scotland News that the Scots will soon be charging a 10 cent tax on disposable plastic bags.
Scotland uses about a billion bags a year totaling up to 6,500 tons of waste.
Most are buried in landfill sites, where they can take hundreds of years to degrade, [...]

No wonder the Japanese succeed at everything

Clearly they are a more evolved society than most others. Elsewhere, governments are facing opposition from retailers when they propose a tax on plastic bags, but not in Japan.
Here, the Japan Chain Stores Association have themselves called for a law to enable stores to charge customers for plastic shopping bags.
The industry body said retailers have [...]

90% of Hong Kong people support plastic bag tax

The Green Students Council in Hong Kong conducted a survey outside 25 supermarkets and found that 90% of the respondents supported a tax on plastic bags.
Hong Kong consumers use 6.7 billion plastic bags a year, or 1,294 plastic bags per person.
Taiwan and Ireland have sharply reduced the use plastic bags by imposing levies three years [...]

What are we doing to our world?

I just read an article Rob Crilly and Emma Newlands wrote for The Herald in Scotland about a whale that was washed up on the Hebridean coast. Its stomach was filled with plastic bags.
More evidence that plastic bags are playing havoc with life as we know and love it. A recent survey found scraps of [...]

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