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Would you have a bag manufacturer make a tent for you?

Winning a customer’s trust is what makes it happen for us.
Clearly, the folks who run the Bahrain Exhibition Center were happy with the bags we’ve been doing for them so when they had a need for a colossal “tent” for a major event, they chose to discuss it with us.
From fabric selection to fireproofing to [...]

Plastic bags should carry a mandatory warning

Most North Americans urinate plastics. Sperm counts are at a historic per capita low. Cancer is an epidemic.
Shouldn’t plastic bags be made to carry this mandatory warning?
There are no safe plastics; all plastics migrate toxins into whatever they contact at all times.
Tax the bags, say Californians Against Waste. And I completely agree. It works.
Ireland taxed [...]

Little guys need to brand too…

Branding is essential for the little guys, too says Michael Schwarz in USA TODAY.
But when you read this, pay special attention to what he says in his last para. People eventually judge you by what you do, not by what you claim.
And (see if your behaviour contradicts what you’ve claimed all your advertising [...]

Sad saga of a plastic bag. A good read.

I’ve just copied this story from I think it makes a great read! Imagine this happening all over as it is bound to if we don’t find a way to stop people from using plastic bags. Reusable bags are so much more logical and so affordable at you can see at
A sad [...]

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