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May 31, 2004

Forgive the plugs folks, they’re for a good cause!

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Alex Steffan, who writes a brilliant blog at noticed my blog and wrote

“I love obsessive geekery for a good cause, and I believe I have stumble upon the Ur-site, the Platonic example of the form: the Badlani blog which focuses, essentially entirely, on news about the ongoing global efforts to reduce our use of plastic bags. Yes, that’s right: it’s an anti-plastic bag blog. Pretty good one, too, full of interesting little tidbits like San Francisco’s implementation of a 17-cents-a-bag bag tax (jargon watch for the day: tax on plastic bags = “plastax”).”

But he wasn’t entirely thrilled as he adds “(The only bummer with Badlani is the authors’ relentless hawking of their own cotton bags. We get it, they sell bags. So do others, like’s Vincent Cobb. No need to remind us every post.).

I take his point. Repetitive and relentless promotion can become tedious, but I feel virtuous doing it because

Higher listings = more vistors = more fabric bags sold = less plastic bags plaguing our world.

So, folks, bear with the plugs if you will, and in fact, spread the word if you agree!

But I did need reminding of that, so thanks, Alex! Please note the absence of a plug in this blog.

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