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Papua New Guinea leads by example!

I’m sure the words Papua New Guinea don’t immediately bring a picture of progressive governance to your mind (probably conjures up exotic images of tribals and beaches) but don’t underestimate them - just look at this major step they’ve taken.
The Papua New Guinea government has ordered a ban on plastic shopping bags in a bid [...]

Paper and plastic don’t cut it. Reusable cloth bags are the only sensible choice.

The best choice isn’t paper or plastic, says Wayne Parker in an article in the Pacific Business News.
He says “When faced with the question of paper vs. plastic bags at the local supermarket, the correct choice, according to environmental officials, is neither of the above. The best environmental choice is to skip a bag altogether, [...]

Re-usable shopping bags do make a difference!

Even as Planet Ark says 7% against the Australian environment minister Ian Campbell’s claim of 29%, the fact remains that Australia’s plastic bag usage has gone down substantially from the 6.9 billion plastic bags they used last year.
Senator Campbell said the ARA’s figures amounted to a reduction of more than half a billion bags. “If [...]

Looks like the world’s going to be in good hands!

A few months back our Australian associate Tom Rayner ( forwarded me a mail he got from a 13 year old young lady who was going to be the Australian delegate to the International Children’s Conference on the Environment in Connecticut
She’s recognised how dangerous plastic bags are. To spread the message at [...]

Biodegradable plastic bags claim turns out to be a hoax

Isn’t it kind of stupid, fellow citizens of earth, to take a strong material that lasts forever and waste it on an application where it is used once and then harms you forever, instead of using something that you can use again and again and which doesn’t harm but enriches your soil even when its [...]

Little guys need to brand too…

Branding is essential for the little guys, too says Michael Schwarz in USA TODAY.
But when you read this, pay special attention to what he says in his last para. People eventually judge you by what you do, not by what you claim.
If your behaviour contradicts what you’ve claimed all your advertising looks like one big [...]

Plastic bags are killing whales

I read an article Rob Crilly and Emma Newlands wrote for The Herald in Scotland about a whale that was washed up on the Hebridean coast. Its stomach was filled with plastic bags.
More evidence that plastic bags are playing havoc with life as we know and love it. A recent survey found scraps of plastic [...]

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